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even the earlier investigation haven't started
Posted by: asicsning
Posted at: 2013-03-05 02:11:15
Therefore, the Japanese central bank vice President of China is in financial crisis risk area warning, is not alarmism. Of course, no matter what they say, on the disease most clearly. The warning to the international community should not be lightly dismissed. The urgent task is to deal with the economy continued to slide a series of policy should be immediately issued, stimulate consumption a package of policy can't wait and see, can't have been MoZha research stage. Especially large reduction JiangFei fiscal policy should be implemented quickly. Through a series of measures that economic growth can be stable real live, a soft landing, so, the degree of bubble is not too severe, he may be in the steady economic growth by dilution and slowly digest.

Although the competent local taxation bureau of hubei province house property tax levy of the three places on the state big tax revenue policies made clear, hubei about housing property tax levy no formal news to release. And said, even the earlier investigation haven't started, also did not receive the notice of the ministry of finance tax sum. But, August 22 securities daily reported, hubei province tax bureau spokesman confirmed that XuZhengYun 21 real estate tax reform is being made in collection of rules. Hunan said recent local tax bureau stock room transaction tax assessment system comprehensive on-line this year is one of the most important preparation work. It seems, is the same to the housing property tax pilot reinforces, but historicity.

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