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is the same to the pilot house property tax
Posted by: asicsning
Posted at: 2013-03-05 02:12:41
At present the real estate regulation and control all kinds of game into the deep water area. At the same time, prices for months rebound, the market is expected to go on high trend, land market warmer, people worry regulation abortion mood dense, worry about the prices of again increased, but the developers in inwardly secretly pleased. Face this kind of situation, the state council sent DuZhaZu to 16 key province (city) carry out supervision measures, social calls for tougher regulation measures on the voice to break out. The expand housing property tax pilot range or full implementation of housing property tax is one of the content. It is in this background, the housing property tax problems especially attention. Media in the cudgel close watch housing property tax trend. What national land tax system training impose house property tax personnel, what house property tax will be in the national comprehensive spread and so on. The most precise news is, is the same to the pilot house property tax.

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