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Louboutin UK the most hope and longing for immigrants
Posted by: asicsning
Posted at: 2013-03-06 02:10:05
Recently this period of time, Christian Louboutin Outlet I also see a lot of Chinese Internet users on the network in the big scold the wealthy immigrants is a traitor and so on, in fact, emigration and patriotic pull not top relation, the zhang LAN qiao jiangnan is scold the dog blood spray head, the reason lies in herself, must make memorial arch, making on the media made themselves Thomas how patriotic so resolutely not immigration, now was lambasted Lou farcing would be no surprise, of course, these groups is definitely more than a seven, also includes many civil servants and some publicity everyday stars, in order to hype and commercial interests, sitting on the stage... all seriousness what bullshit all dare to say, only fan your face, but virtually to have misled thinking and consciousness of the people to the wrong side, in fact, say something, in terms of general Chinese attitude, Louboutin UK the most hope and longing for immigrants to foreign countries, it is not rich, but the poor, the old cat the point estimates and will be scold, but this is the case, regardless of those Internet buzzwords, such as money and rank can confuse shift and no top stick called next life or the afterlife in China such as this, Louboutin Shoes the old cat can responsible prophecy, here are all countries in which day open frontier, the carrying bag and run to foreign is not rich and entrepreneurs, Christian Louboutin but rather what assets nor of the poor, to this point, countless fujian compatriots have made a proof of that.
RE: Louboutin UK the most hope and longing for immigrants
Posted by: winli
Posted at: 2013-03-14 09:05:44
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